Paper Rejection Sometimes Means Nothing…

2010 1/29

Both the American Economic Review and The Review of Economic Studies rejected the paper for “triviality”, while the reviewers for Journal of Political Economy rejected it as incorrect, arguing that if this paper was correct, then no goods could be traded. Only on the 4th attempt did the paper get published in Quarterly Journal of Economics. Today, the paper is one of the most-cited papers in modern economic theory (more than 5,800 citations in academic papers as of July 2009).




所以,偶尔不被人认可还是挺正常的。看看前辈,Nobel Price 的文章被拒了3次!教条完美主义者不早跳楼自杀了。无论是自己进步还是社会进步都需要时间和过程,豁达宽容点,孤独的时候多扯几个半正经不正经的淡就好了。